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I am a 70 year old Vietnam combat veteran.the veterans administration put me on hydrocodone 15 years ago for severe back pain and bursitis in my hips. about a year ago I went to see my primary care physician at the veterans administration was told that there was no more prescriptions for hydrocodone to be given. I could take morphine if I wanted to. I chose to take the morphine and took it for quite a few months. However, did not work for me did not make me feel very good. I had stomach problems xcetera. So I decided to wean myself off of the morphine and let me tell you it was no picnic. I was sick for about a week but finally got off of the morphine. Now what? I started seeing a pain specialist outside of the VA and he started giving me cortisone shots in my back and in my hips. I get them as needed now. I take baclofen which is a muscle relaxant and I use ice and heat. I also use ibuprofen as needed. I have good days bad days and some very bad days. It is a struggle that I deal with everyday and sometimes it gets me down. That’s my story I wish you all the best.