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I think it is important to stop and take a look at where I have been — where I am now — and where I am going.
Looking back can give me joy and anguish but it is the past and it is best to let the past be just that — the past.
Living in the here and now — the present — can be and is — very trying and frustrating and scary and downright crazy at times. However, it is my life, my journey and it has hills, valleys and mountains. Will I make it over the mountains or will I be stopped half way up? Will I be stuck in a flooded valley with no way up or out? I don’t know and that can be the scary part…not being able to see the future.

Chronic pain is what it is — a pain in the neck, leg, back, feet, hands and so many other places too numerous to write. I can pretend that I am stronger than what I really am or I can accept the day to day facts that I cannot do what I once did — nor is my body the same as it once was.

I choose to let it go, let it go, let it go…..

If I live in the past, I lose the present. If I live in the what if’s, I lose the adventure.

I say we take each day as it comes and let the rest of it go… after all we still have so much to add to our journey.

take care,

Here’s to making it a good journey.