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I have recently finished carving a wax model that will be cast into a sterling silver pin. As I sit looking at pictures of it I am struck by several thoughts. First is amazement at the carving techniques I learned. That got me thinking of the other things I’ve learned in the last year. Yes I know my mind wanders. I’ve learned about boats in general, along with that comes knowledge of maintenance and the various systems that keep the water on the outside of the hull. Having been a hermit all my life I’ve had to learn about being a part of a close-knit community. That in turn taught me a lot about who I am and where I’m headed. I still have no idea about the latter.
Moving aboard “Lonoh” and giving up my drivers license has limited me in some ways. In other ways it has freed me. There are so many things I don’t have to do like mow the lawn, tend the gardens, and split the winters supply of firewood though I did enjoy those tasks. The time and energy saved has let me play and learn the new things. I don’t have more energy now than before; I just have the opportunity to use the energy I do have a little differently. The new experiences and learning have done a lot to energize me mentally even if my brain refuses to work.
Looking back I must have been crazy to give up what I had on an adventure. But look where the road has taken me. It’s all about the road, the journey. After all when the journey is over, it’s over so enjoy it while you can.
for now take care of each other and have gentle day
quack quack