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Finally I’m back. The lost month is another victim of the learning curve. In an attempt to get internet onboard the Lonoh I “broke” my computer. The trip it took to the “dr.’s” did not go as I had hoped. They re-installed my operating system and it works so I’ll have to go with that. As frustrating as the process has been I’ve learned a lot and am now approaching my electronics from a different approach. Using part of a gift from family I set out to improve the quality of my days at the dock. Before I could do that I had to realize that the dock was where I live. First I bought a kindle paperwhite. It gives me a library again. It’s so much fun to imagine a book, category, or author and be able to read it. Next I bought a 7″ kindle fire I will use it for online things. It is also the perfect size to watch videos in the v-berth. My laptop will be for of-line use music and such. Instead of trying to find an antenna that will give me Wi-Fi access I’ll give the money to the landlord and have him install a repeater.
more soon
until then take care of each other and have a gentle day
quack quack