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Simple questions; hard answers
How many spoons do you have?
People stop and say “Hi How are you? What have you been doing?”. Those are questions I ask myself. The easy answers are “OK or Working on it” and “doing some writing and carving”. The rest you have to overlook because it’s just background “stuff”.
Unfortunately that “stuff” sets limits on my energy. I have COPD. The Spiriva commercial where the elephant sits on the person’s chest is exactly how it feels. Not only is it hard to expand my lungs they don’t transfer gasses efficiently into my blood. My body is always fighting for the oxygen it gets.
I also have sleep apnea. My sleep is disturbed every 4 or 5 minutes though not all wake me fully. Every 10 or 12 minutes I do wake up and reposition myself.
Deprived of sleep and oxygen my muscles cannot begin to repair the knots and damage caused by my myofacial pain. That all plays a part of the muscle spasms that routinely ripple through my body.
There is a list of dx’s and issues that come with their own set of problems. People worry about the environment or elections. I worry about today. Will I be able to get out of the cabin into the cockpit today?
Today when I ask myself how I’m doing I’ll look around at the blue sky, the bayou, my boat, and Ms. Kitty: I’ll answer “I’m doin OK”‘
take care of each other and have a gentle day
quack quack