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Level 9 pain is just before you pass out. Passing out is how you know it’s a 10. When faced with a life of pain the trick is to take the fear away. Make a level 9+ pain just another day at the rodeo.
For me the key lies in being able to step outside my body, in effect taking my mind and going to play in a different sandbox or world. The worlds are always different, based on real sometimes unseen places. Those places are all around and best of all, inside you. An easy example is look at a picture in national geographic of canyon country. It doesn’t matter where, you chose. Now focus, shut out the world around you.
Look into the picture. Find the path, it might be a dry river bed or a rabbit run, maybe a deer wandered through. The path is there just relax and you can see it. Now take tiny steps and be sure to look around as you move forward into the scene. BONK*** Hit your nose huh! of course you did it’s only a picture. BUT you did start to follow the path. Relax go back and try it again. Before long you will be able to move a little ways into the other world then a little farther each time.
If you don’t have pictures to look at no problem, shift your focus to see the world of dust motes and attach yourself to one. Follow the world laid out in the road map of ceiling cracks. The patterns on your eyelids offer their own possibilities. The first step is realizing these worlds are there, hidden in your memories. You just have to learn to let go and visit when you need to. That is not something most can learn in the next few months. The good news is that with patience and practice, gentle pokes to refocus and retry another day, you can learn at least enough to see what you can have and it will make the pain easier.
Until then
take care of each other and have a gentle day
quack quack