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Ms kitty I wanted you to know that i did ask to come along to meet you. To say I was mad is an understatement. I heard my owner brag that she got to pet you. The fur around my collar stood up when I heard that happened. Not that I could do that myself…I do have paws. But it was the thought that made me boil with anger.

I do love to swim so boating life would be a dream come true. So I am jealous. Heard you have friends next door.

I do ok with my cousin cats down the street. The cousin dogs, especially Minion who rooms with the two cousin cats loves to visit. We are in love. Even though he is a tiny chiquaqua we do rub noses and sometimes kiss.

Again I barked at them to take me along so the fault is theirs not mine. Heard you have a great pad. Enjoy