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I am also on that journey of finding the “2016” me.

Each year, each month, each week, we find things changing when it comes to our pain and how it affects our life.
What I could do in 2015 has changed. The new year brings new restrictions, I really dislike that word, restrictions, but there is not a better one. It is what it is, I am restricted in what I can do today compared to what I could do, a year ago on this day.

I guess for me, it is finding ways to move forward in the new year of 2016, without feeling like I have lost so much. I find I have to let go of last year and all that has changed. If I don’t it drags me down in to the darkness of depression.

For me it is finding the answers to the questions and remembering to look to the present and future and let go of the past.

I hope that makes sense.

Take care,