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“New Year’s”
I don’t party for New Year’s. I don’t make resolutions. For me New Year’s is a time to look back, reflect, assess goals; and try to adjust both the goals and the paths to them. Although I have made list of goals in the past, this is the first time I’ve tried to keep written track of the review process itself. I think seeing it in writing will make it more real and powerful for me. My hope is that sharing the process here might help others.
There are several easy categories to start.
1) Where was I and what were my goals a year ago?
2) What have I accomplished both towards those goals and other things?
3) What have I gained?
4) What have I lost?
5) Where am I in my journey?
6) What does all the above mean going forward?
7) What resources are available?
8) How do I need to adjust priorities and goals?
While the category questions may be easy, what goes in them and how they fit together is much harder. They are subjective and changing as our perspectives change with pain levels and health issues. What is true today may not be true tomorrow. There re questions that require hard work to find honest answers. The question of how good or bad my health is seems simple enough. I know, after all I live it. The test reports and doctors have told me. But what is the truth? What does it mean? What is the impact going forward? My natural flight or fight reaction kicks in when I try to look at it. “Flight”, fear say’s things are worse than they are. That part wants to protect. “Fight” denies the severity of the problem, tries to bully it’s way through. Somewhere in the middle or off to one side is the reality. Again it’s a moving target, one we adjust daily, sometimes hourly or more.
Any way you can see why this is called the MUMBLINGS of a hermit. I will try and share what my lists look like as I go.
for now
have a gentle day and take care of each other