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The politics around effective pain management have become more out of control lately. It is terribly unfair, nee torture, not treat people with chronic pain. Honestly, those politicians who draft and pass laws with dosing limits are practicing medicine without a license. Maybe a class action lawsuit in Ohio or West Virginia along those lines would have an impact to get the pain management pendulum swinging back in a more humane direction.

Trouble is, we are people with pain barely making it through the day and we have limited financial means to hire an attorney.

Until we reach that point, we need to tell our stories in a public way. I had lunch with a cousin yesterday who has had his opinion altered from an ultra conservative position advocating more restrictions three years ago to a more humane position acknowledging that the restrictions have gone too far and are not having the intended effect on the ‘opioid crisis’ based upon news stories with accounts of people’s experiences.

Let’s keep sharing our stories.