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I am so sorry to read the journey you are on. Chronic pain conditions can be hard to diagnosis and that is beyond frustrating for the person who lives with the pain. It is hard to make a treatment plan to help ease the pain if one does not know what is causing the pain. I do hope your healthcare providers are searching for the answers you need. Living with pain is hard enough when you know what is wrong and nearly impossible when you do not have any answers.
Don’t give up trying to find the answers, sometimes it takes multiple healthcare providers to sort out all the testing and symptoms to get to the answers.
Please know that you are not alone…we as people living with pain may not have the answers you are seeking but we are here to offer support, companionship and friendship.

We have live chats here on Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 11am ET and on Thursday night at 7:30pm ET. The chats are great conversation and lots of support.