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Welcome Fortunate 1. It’s nice to meet you though I can think of better ways to meet. I’m sorry for your pain. From the sound of it you have multiple things at the very least a full plate. I can’t speak to your specific issues. Perhaps others here will recognize the patterns you describe.
I can try to give you moral support and encouragement. It won’t make the pain go away. Hopefully you will come back enough to understand that you are not alone. My pain journey started when I was in my early 20’s. I’m in my early 60’s now. Hopefully next week your doc will discover that you just need to take xyz pill and everything will be fine. That wasn’t the case for me so the only option was to find a way to live and not let the pain drive me crazy. What works is different for every person just as your problems are different the mine. The common thread is the need for some way through. One of the ways I try to make sense of my pain is to use it to try and help people like you that may be just beginning their journey. There are others here that are also willing to help where they can.
Please understand we all suffer from pain and have non-functional days. If it takes a day or 2 to get a reply it isn’t because no-one cares but because we’re all trying to get through the day. For now tie a loop in the end of your rope big enough to sit in. It’s easier than hanging on. come back and check regularly and be sure to let us know you’re still around. Also consider coming to chat if you can. You don’t have to talk if you aren’t comfortable. You can just come in and “sit on the comfy couch”
do take care and have a gentle day