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My name is guit30 ,this is my first time here. I have had back and neck pain for 20 years, I am on disability and in a lot of debt. I have DDD, scoliosis, cervical stenosis, spinal stenosis, sciatica, several bulging or herniated discs,
and that is the big part of the picture. I developed the scoliosis in about one year to a 60 degree lean, between S1 and L5. I can’t stand up straight or walk without a cane. Steroid shots do not help me, but give me anxiety.
Now, I am having trouble getting my pain prescriptions filled. I have been getting my 30 mg oxycodone filled at the same rite aid for 2 years, now they are telling me I am taking too much medication. I have medicare, so I can’t afford name brand meds. When I was still working, I had good insurance, so I could take Oxycontin, which worked so much better, at a lower dose. Is anyone else having trouble getting their pain medications?