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Well said my friend…

I feel it is safe to say that we are all happy that she is no longer fighting the vicious cycles of chronic pain with the added demons of cancer pain.
At the same time, we want her back, we miss her, we want to chat with her on social media and in The Pain Communities chat room. We want her laughter, her humor, her support, her compassion and her trademark “huggles”.

9 years of friendship that became so much more…we are Family! Each and everyone of us have been there through the good, the bad and everything in the middle..together.

We have supported each other through the years of chronic pain…we have supported each other through the loss of family, friends and ourselves. We know more about each other than most family members do. We know each others likes and dislikes. We know each others spouses names, children’s names, grandchildren’s names. We know each others fur-kids names and we have been there for those losses for each other too.
Family is not having the same name or same DNA—family is whomever is there for you…family is those who understand you…those who stand by you….those whom you have never met and may never meet in person but you feel as if you grew up together.

Family is… how excited we get when new folks come to chat. Family is flinging open the The Pain Community Chat Room door and supporting new people who come to chats, we love meeting new chat members and getting to know them and supporting them and helping them to see they are not alone.
Family is…all of us here at TPC and those who we have lost along the way…Jeff, Susie and Tndr.