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Hi, Shadowbox,

It is nice to meet you. I do wish it was under different circumstances. You are so right, we each have to find our way to accept what life has become while living with pain. Support is a very important key but it is up to the one living with pain to decide how to move forward or not to move forward. It is a struggle all the way. It is easier for some than it is for others. The stages of grief that we all go through, it isn’t just for the death of a loved one or friend, it is for the life that we once had. The seven emotional stages of grief are usually, shock, denial, bargaining, guilt, anger, depression, and acceptance/hope. For many of us we go through the stages over and over and sometimes we go through multiple stages at the same time. I really believe that having a support system like these discussion forums and live chats here at The Pain Community can make a big difference for so many.

Take care