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Hi 1fortunateone1,

Have you received a diagnosis on why you are having the severe back pain? I too suffer with back pain and once I had a diagnosis of why I was having the pain, my healthcare team then searched for the treatments that were better suited for my pain needs.
I have degenerative joint disease and the disc have deteriorated so I have bone on bone pain. Once we knew what we were dealing with, we were able to put together a pain toolbox of different therapies, medications and such that we hoped would ease the pain to a degree that I could have more daily function.

We found that water therapy was very beneficial in conjunction with medications. The water allows me to do simple exercise such as swinging my leg forward and backward for a set about of times. The water makes the movements easier and it is less stressful on the joints and muscles.

The water also helped to prevent the soreness and stiffness we sometimes must contend with when we exercise.

My best to you and I hope to continue this discussion with you and to offer you support.

Take care,


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