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A day from the log
Monday 9-7-2015
time 06:30 temp 69 barometric pressure 1026 batteries 12.01 and 12.76
Yesterday was a hard day. The storms systems from Saturday are still around. The day is lost in a fog. The trip off the dock to take out the trash and see how well I was moving required a rest stop on the way back. I talked to a dock mate while I was resting.
After another rest, I think I went up to the club house and watched a couple of shows on net-flix. Later I played a game on the computer.
The 69 degrees this morning is cold. I have on a long sleeved shirt and could use socks. It’s not the insulated underwear kind of cold that’s coming but it’s still cold enough to leave me tight and sore.
Ms. Kitty is loving the cooler weather. She starting to grow her winter coat. She been running up and down the dock attacking all the pilings. Aboard she’s been chasing shadows and tripping over her own feet. Several times I’ve stopped her to remind her of the danger of falling overboard.
have a gentle weekend and take care of each other