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it’s Friday afternoon and I missed chat this morning. The last few days have been lost in a haze. Wednesday afternoon I used a weed whacker to cut a path to the water so I could pull Ms. Kitty’s new boat ashore. Then I pushed the lawnmower around for a bit when my dock-mate took a break. I paid for it yesterday with pain and muscle spasms. I spent the day watching movies on-line and playing a computer game.
This morning there were clouds moving through and it was a little cooler. I took advantage of the lower temps to do some much needed house work. First I put a load of wash in to soak in it’s bucket. I set that to one side so I could use a borrowed brush to give the decks a good scrubbing.
I took a break then washed and hung out the laundry before taking another break. That was the point I realized I had missed chat. As I was sitting in the cockpit it occurred to me why the boat is a perfect place for me. Think about it. The boat was designed to keep the crew safe and aboard even when the world moves about underneath them. It was designed to withstand storms on the north sea. That means there are handholds everywhere. It is perfect for people like me that are unsteady on our feet. Instead of the world moving underneath us we move on top of it. it’s the same effect.
This afternoon was spent scraping the inside of Ms. Kitty’s new boat. It’s old and has been neglected. Once the loose paint is scraped off the inside I can evaluate it’s condition. Then it’s repair the failed patches to stabilize it so I can use it without doing more damage. I can work on customizing it and making it pretty later.
take care of each other and have a gentle day