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“Placed” is an understatement! It was a huge splash. You can see the difference in the water vapor in the air between the two pics.
The last two weeks have been crazy. Mostly it’s been hot. I’ve accepted the low energy levels, at least until cooler weather comes. I spend lots of time sitting in front of a fan and reading or sleeping. I have been making progress however. Once I got paid for the van I started spending the money. I’ve managed it fairly well I think. First I got my Florida ID card. I gave up driving and no longer have a driver’s license, the streets are much safer now. Then I registered the “Lonoh” and bought numbers for the bow. Now I just have to wash the hull and stick them on.
After that was done I replaced the “house batteries. There are two sets of batteries, one to start the motor (starting) and one set for the rest (house) of my electric needs. Both are kept charged by my solar panel. Unfortunately the day after replacing the batteries I was getting the same low power readings on my monitor. After a day of tracing wires I realized that I had mistakenly replaced the starting batteries and NOT the house batteries as I had intended. So now I have less money but all new batteries aboard. That’s not a bad thing just unplanned for this point.
I’m waiting for a friend to bring me a dinghy that he found and bought for me. Once that is paid for and I pick up the motor that another friend found I’ll be out of money. All in all I think I did well for myself.
The dock has been a busy place as well. There are two new boats with a third on the way. A dock mate has left his boat and moved to New York to replenish his bank account. Boats are expensive and always need something. There have also been two water rescues. One at the dock where a man fell and hit his head. He was face down and unconscious when he was discovered. Fortunately everybody did what they were supposed to and by the time the fire department and emt’s arrived he was conscious and out of the water. He still spent several days in the hospital to clear the water from his lungs and evaluate his head injuries. The second rescue was of a man that fell off his boat out in the middle of the bayou. I was only able to watch that rescue. Within minutes there were several boats headed out to save him. Either case could have ended very badly but for the quick actions of the community. I feel much safer now that I’ve seen everybody in action.
The heat has affected Ms. Kitty as well. She spends her time finding places down below where it’s as cool as possible and sleeps through the day. She takes advantage of the cool mornings and evenings to climb in my lap for attention.
remember to take care of each other and have a gentle day