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May Lilacs: Nature vs. Nurture

The tapered petals cluster along the stem
wakens in me my childhood’s germination.
Lazy the scent lays its fragrance on the air,
not in a rush, it takes the season to explain
what only it can tell the velvet breeze.

Just as May enters the spring in gusts,
skies can turn to dark ominous twists.
Swirl violet blossoms into tornado guise,
clocks its force of fearless blatant fate.
Then comfort as silence graces tomorrow.

The lilac tree’s pleasant sweet smell
beneath my bedroom windowsill.
Erupts in me tender unlocked thoughts
of springtime being near memory street,
when lilac blossoms measured time.

This was written for me to share with my poetry tribe. May have more revisions in the future as a poem is never truly done it needs to brew like tea for a bit and even then the tea leaves leave clues on what you might want to change.
Hope you enjoy it. I have several more I would like to add as the weeks go by.

Remember it doesn’t have to be a poem. Poems are my hobby.