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I’d hoped for some replies, would still like some. The girls haven’t been bothered by Grandma’s “Bad Pain Day” although I still haven’t had “the talk with them (the time just hasn’t been right). My son has been a little bit better about some grown-up time but hasn’t really improved on the planning ahead. Of course right now, the big issue (believe it or not) is him eating a whole avocado for lunch or dinner (when he fixes his own). We all love avocadoes but they are pricey ($1.59 each currently). Many times they take a couple of days to ripen and if they are in the drawer too long can get bad-anyway he takes them all and the rest of us don’t. I have said he could have a half of one a day but he still doesn’t get it. Frustrating. So what do other grandparents have to say about talking with there grandchildren about their persistent pain?