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I did want to respond to this. I am also a Grandma with a persistent pain problem. I am in a little different situation as after having our nest actually empty for a short while, because of divorce, the economy, and other issues we now have grandchildren with us much of the time. While my son in theory is watching them, there are days or a time when he works at a part time job or is just with his friends but even when he is here, the situation can be chaotic. We never thought at this stage of our lives we would be doing diapers, making sure there are snacks for school, and mediating fights over the I-Pads. Their other grandparents are older than us so even though they have them sometimes, they tend to be the “fun” grandparents.
Since I don’t want my grandbabies to think of me as the one whose head hurts all the time, I find myself quicker to take breakthrough medication than before (and trying not to mention it). I need quiet time in the afternoons but that doesn’t always work out especially since naps are starting to go by the wayside. Grandpa is some help but he can’t always and he doesn’t have a clue as to how much more is involved doing dinner for six instead of two (although it is a compliment they would rather eat here than at their other grandparents).
So do I have any real tips for grandparenting when you have pain? Don’t feel guilty when you take medication for breakthrough rather than trying the non-pharmacological route first. Your babies don’t need you hurting and emotional (which I get when I have escalating pain). Try to talk about your pain appropriately for their age (Grammie has an owie in her head right now so let’s be quiet and you take care of your babies [or watch the I-Pad] for a while). Know your limitations; as much as would like to take them to the animal preserve afternoons are not great for me and I don’t want to be driving the car in pain). Enjoy them and let other things go if need be. And try not to get the “Hot Dog song” stuck in your mind (from the Disney channel). Both Grandpa and I get stuck on it and “aurgh!”