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Before I dropped by I was self absorbed with my own pain problems but now I pray that all people suffering from mystery pain get some immediate comfort. I used to have arthritis pain in my back and thought it was severe pain. Then after an epidural treatment my bone pain mostly went away. However a few months later I starting getting stiffness in most of my muscles feeling like embalming fluid, glue or silicone had been pumped throughout my body. It is difficult to even move let alone function normally. I read the symptoms of fibromyalgia and I have every symptom but one so I plan to get tested and hope to find out and fix whatever is causing this severe pain. It is terrible that Congress created laws which require physicians to deny or delay people proper pain medication when it is obvious there are many people suffering from severe pain who need medications. Members of Congress, especially physicians should be ashamed for their inhumanity. But those same people also made torture legal, not only to foreigners but to their own constituents. Yet we continue to re-elect them.