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I would ask them to please believe I am telling the truth when I go out on a limb, telling you I have a really low tolerance for pain, and quite a high tolerance against pain medications. (my late mother and my sister was/is the same) Why should I be made to feel guilty because they want to give me a low dose of Vicodin (which is like taking Tic-tacs for me) when I know that Percocet 5/325 is going to come closest to relieving any pain. And if I tell them that, I get “the LOOK” that pretty much all people living with chronic pain have been subjected to. I have only recently started telling doctors about my tolerances, because the low back pain I have kept at bay for a long time using Soma, was visited by the Sciatic Nerve monster. Whoa buddy! That combo dropped me to the floor.
And I would tell them “Listen to me! I know my body much better than you ever will, so if I say something is not right, then something is definitely Wrong!” If the doctor I was referred to about not being able to cross one leg over the other, gives me a cortisone shot which worked great,but during my follow up when I said “Dr. XXX, my lower back has been hurting a LOT for a while. Could you order an Xray or CT or whatever to look for the problem?” And am told “we know you have some arthritis, and we don’t need to expose you to the radiation. I’ll refer you to a PT”. Apparently he didn’t take the time to actually look at my chart which would have told him I had been working in a nuclear power plant for 30+years, or he would not have said something so absurd.
I guess that is the best thing to tell your doctor. Listen to and believe what I tell you. I am entrusting you with my health, you should trust me to be honest with you.
Sorry….I ramble. I am trying to hold back, but it doesn’t always work.