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I have been recallecent in following the forums on the site. After I moderated chat today, I took a hint from something bd said in chat and clicked on the forums link.
I am definitely glad that I did. I learned a lot of pearls of wisdom from this thread alone. I will be writing a log book on how my body adapts to being taken off of morphine and to only having OTC meds to grapple with my pain. I Will try and keep an open mind to try some of the treatment of the New and Improved VA * snort * Whether it be biofeedback, meditation,holistic, ect. This won’t be easy for me because I am a skeptic. But I will give it a shot. My state has just passed a medical marijuana bill and I will write of my adventures of trying to get my id card for that. I now plan on using what bd suggested and map out my own pain numeric system. And I also plan on putting some of my meanderings on the Veterans board here. Hopefully, some of what I am going to be going through will help another veteran in need. May a few of you will find is helpful also. I salute bd on this postings here. They are always giving me new ideas and several of them have brightened my day.


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