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While I do not have severe back pain from several surgeries, I do have back, foot and ankle pain that has plagued me since the holidays. There are some things that seem to help me that you might try if you have not done so already. Have you tried ice packs to your low back? If not, use a bag of frozen peas or corn, put it in a pillow case, then place it on your low back where your pain concentrates. (Make sure you mark the veggie bag, so that when you return it to the freezer it is not used later for cooking—YUK) Keep it there for at least 20 minutes, then remove–you can reapply once your skin returns to normal temperature. I sometimes alternate between heat and cold. I use a heating pad with the cover on—same drill as the ice pack, and I make sure my skin has returned to normal temperature before switching or reapplying the same treatment. I find when I am in the shower, after the warm water has relaxed me, I can do back and leg stretching—like yoga cat and dog poses while standing and using the wall for support, hamstring stretches using my shower bench for support and balance, etc. It seems to lessen my pain. I have also started using shoe inserts for arthritis when I walk—which has helped lessen my foot pain. I try to walk at least 30 minutes every day or every other day. I have dogs who remind me to walk them, so that is a powerful incentive. What have you tried?