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For five years I have had post operative pain from a failed knee implant surgery which was my third surgery on that knee to correct a problem. I am in a pain management program the medication only provides partial relief to a 6 level on the pain scale. Each step I take it feels like a knife is being shoved in below my knee right where the implant is so as you can imagine I spend most of my days off my feet, when I walk I have to use a cane now. I was told the surgery was fine its my bodies fault that it couldn’t handle the implant. What a joke. No MRI done prior to that surgery to see if the implant would work in my body. So I wait going through a series of more PT, more doctors, more PT, insurance problems, more PT, you name it. I pray someone somewhere reads this and can point me in the right direction of getting out of this hell in a shell I am living in.