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Follow up on the story of the homeless veteran we were attempting to help. Saturday Afternoon I lay down to take a nap. Woke up to some movement in the room and without my glasses couldn’t make out a figure going into the master bathroom. Both the vet and my wife have dark curly hair. I lay there watching the bathroom door to see who it was. I heard a crash and got out of bed and went to the bathroom. The vet was lying on the floor with a bottle of my wife’s meds in his hands and he was still attempting to open them. I went off on him DI style and told him to pack his trash and get out of my house. He had stolen most of my wife’s xanax either Saturday or Friday plus we had a jar with 1 dollar bills in the room we were saving to take our gk’s to Disneyworld. I figure that he took at least $50. I am very disillusioned and my wife and I have decided that our charity will only extend to beings that appreciate what you do for them and give love instead of take from us. By this I mean dogs and cats. This has been a big blow to me and my faith in my fellow vets….