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Hello to everyone on this website. I’might not looking for any kind of treatment, just outside info that may help me with my ongoing recovery. My doctors give medicines and therapies and i’m looking for other resources that may help me. I have 4 herniated disks in my back, along with one in my neck and all I get from them is , “it’seems not time for surgery.” 2 moved out further, and not by my spinal cord and still no answers. I got hit by a train 10 years ago this new years and it’seems like i’m not getting anywhere. I also have a traumatic brain injury and was wonderingoing if stretches and exercising can make things worse? Anyone have that rusk also? I have degenerative disk disease, arthritis of a 50-60 year old when I’m only 26.
Anyway, hello to all and please let me know if any of you have many risks to get better and find a way to keep going. I like to hear from people who also share some of the same problems because it isn’t just from a doctor who gives a medicine and calls things good.