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Just spent a long weekend with an old friend who turns out to be a chain smoker. My lungs and clothes had a work out just being around her as she smoked in her home, in the car and elsewhere. She did ask if I minded, so I was trying to be gracious as she invited me to her home. Naturally, I say I was fine with it. I did not expect to be living in a tobacco cloud so much, tho. She had another GF arrive the second day who also smokes….not as much, thank goodness. I found myself abandoned several times at restaurants and pubs so they could go outside and smoke more. It became more difficult to overlook and be tolerant, I must confess. My tongue was bleeding from biting it. Finally, I did tell her that she was not only addicted to her cellphone (always on it) but to nicotine too!

I came back home wishing more than ever that Noki, Tndr and their spouses experience the very best of luck and strength as they continue to fight the nicotine battle—may you win BIG!!