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I have to share a success story. I was traveling with my 81 year old cousin to a family reunion over this past weekend. He has rheumatoid arthritis and becoming less steady on his feet. He also told me that he had pulled his hamstring several times over the recent weeks. However, he insists on walking whenever he can as he fears that one he stops, he will lose it forever. When I offered to arrange a wheelchair for the airport, he refused—so we walked to the gate. I remained close to his side, used the people movers and kept a slow pace. He welcomed the rest during the 2 hour flight, but I could tell he was hurting more once we arrived and had to trek over to the car rental. Luckily, we had a new car with heated seats. So, I suggested that he turn on his seat to warm his legs and back while I drove 3 hours to our final destination. He was feeling great when we arrived and he learned a new trick to add to his pain toolbox. He was able to be active over the long weekend, used a heating pad at our cousin’s home in the morning and evening and heated that seat on the return ride back to the airport. His wife was so delighted to learn at our return home that he did so well during our adventure—so am I.