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I am so in on this! Even though I have already had a significant weight loss already, I still have a some more to lose. I mainly lost the weight due to a medication change, but I also reduced my portion sizes, cut out soda (pop), and am now moderating my caffeine intake and increasing how much water I drink. For me, a little trick I learned that helps is in dealing with cravings. I used to completely try to deny them by ignoring them, but then would end up gorging myself which isn’t a good thing. So now, instead of denying the craving, I’ll get a small portion. It’s enough to tame the craving and still keep my long term goal in sight.

YaYa, have you ever thought about making your own frozen dinners? Back when I was still working and my kids were in their teens, fixing regular meals was a challenge since I worked 2nd shift. I wanted to make sure they had good, home cooked meals throughout the week, while I was at work, so on the weekends, I would cook up a storm, then freeze individual portions so they could easily thaw it out, pop it in the microwave or pan of boiling water, and they loved it. I also had the satisfaction of knowing they weren’t eating out of a box, which has way more salts and other nasties in them.

Something I really have a hard time with is the moving part. I tend to get discouraged easily because it hurts and because I don’t see immediate results. Logically, I know it takes time and patience, after all, it took me years to gain weight and it’ll take awhile for it to come off, but my vain side (for lack of a better term) wants to see results NOW. So that is what I’m going to need the most help with. Finding ways to move that are low impact and the support to keep me going and resetting goals as I reach them.

I’m hoping, as we go along, those who may want to gain weight or maintain where they are, will join us too. I feel it’s important to do something like this with others. It not only gives you a partner(s) to help hold you accountable for your goals, but they can also encourage you to move and eat healthier so you can reach the goals you’ve set. They can also, gently, tell you if you’ve maybe set an unreasonable goal and help break it down into subgoals that are easier to reach.

I’m really looking forward to working with everyone and know y’all will help me reach whatever goals I’ve set and I hope to be able to do the same for everyone else. 🙂