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You are the second person who has suggested myfitnesspal. I need to check that out. Right now, I am using 2 apps that one of my physician’s has recommended. My favorite is LoseIt. This app helps me track my food intake and exercise. I can search foods, scan bar codes of food purchased at the grocery store and it logs in your food library as I log it in. I can even look at past meals and tailor what I ate/delete what was not repeated. When I first logged in, I was able to choose how fast I wanted to lose (for example 1/2 pound/week–it tells you how much you can lose in a year, then). The exercise log includes typical exercise and includes yard work, house work, home improvement activities too. What I like, is that if I have gone over or gotten close to going over my daily allowance, I know that I must move–get out and walk or something. It also gives you a running tally of how many calories you are over or under for the week.