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I also just joined today. I’m grateful to find a supportive community and folks who can relate to the chronic pain issues I deal with on a daily basis.
You and I have had similar experiences, specifically, I too was forced to stop working in my chosen professional field. I worked 30 years as a certified sign language interpreter. I loved my job, I worked in various settings in the community as well as teamed with colleagues interpreting classes each semester at our local community college.
The isolation was the hardest for me. Like you, I became very very depressed ( I have suffered from Depression and been on meds for 15 years or so). This all happened two years ago and since then my depression has been very difficult to treat.
Anyway, I can relate to your story. I’m sure many others here in this community can relate as well.
I have some specific questions for this community regarding research resources I can obtain to help my family understand my situation
I have been taking Norco for about 7 years for persistent on going neck pain, neuropathy, and low back pain. I’ve had 4 neck surgeries, all fusions ( the most recent one in Jsnuary 2016)
I’m now fused at every cervical level.
The psin meds literally provide functionality for me and a reasonable quality of life. Of course, they don’t completely get rid of the psin, but it keeps it manageable most days.
I have more to share and would like community feedback, but don’t want to make my initial post too long….. ( too late you say? Smile)
My username is ksouth21
Look forward to sharing and learning from you all