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I am new to this site. Some of you may find my story interesting. Stories, really. I was titrated to 1,000(one thousand) mgs. of morphine a day many years ago. I had an end over end motorcycle accident in 1969, hit by a car in 1988 and spent 21/2 months in rehab pain hospital. I now have neuropathy, and a shattered left shoulder, fixed well, but painful much at times. Back and neuropathy are constant. As you may know, the DEA is now practicing medicine; they came to Colorado because they don’t like that we legalized pot ( which I do not smoke now-haven’t for years). My pain doc went back to Europe, and so I went to my GP, a good doctor, and a good man. They sent a professional liar into his office, illegally seeking drugs, and arrested him, last summer, at the start of the prescription pain med battle in Nixons’ drug war, a baby born dead. I withdrew hard, no taper, no medical assistance. It nearly killed me. I was told by more than one medical professional that I would be uncomfortable for a few days; every one of them would have died, I strongly suspect.Re: Nixons’ drug war, and the current opioid battle. Look up the stats; more people have been and are dying from OTC meds, aspirin, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen, and prescription NSAIDS than opioid medication. Anyway, looking forward to figuring out this site, and writing about all of my experience over the past year. I am a retired Juvenile Corrections Specialist, Eagle Scout, and writer wannabe. I don’t know how to use mindware and computers well, so please bear with me. Looking forward