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Pregnancy back pain usually occurs where the pelvis crosses the spine at the sacroiliac joint.
There are several potential explanations for why this is going to happen. Here are some of the most likely causes:
weight gain. Women typically receive between 25 and 35 pounds during successful pregnancy. The spine must bear the weight. This can cause lower back pain. The infant’s growing importance and the uterus also pressure the pelvis’s blood vessels and nerves and the back.
Posture changes. Your pregnancy changes your centre of gravity. Consequently, you can gradually—even without noticing—begin to change your stance and the way you walk. This can lead to back pain or pressure.

Changes of hormones. During labour, the body produces a relaxin hormone that helps the ligaments in the pelvic region relax, and the joints loosen in preparation for the birth process. The same hormone can cause ligaments that support the spine to reduce, leading to instability and pain.

Muscle separation. As the uterus expands, two parallel muscle sheets (the rectal abdominal muscles) run from the rib cage to the pubic bone can split along the centre seam. This separation could make back pain worse.

Stress. Emotional discomfort can induce muscle strain in the back, which can be felt as back pain or back spasm. You may find that you have a rise in back pain during the traumatic time of your pregnancy.

Some medication. It is not advisable to take tramadol when you are pregnant as it will harm the maturing baby. Further, the side effects will continue for the babies after birth as well. Consuming tramadol can increase the risk of having early delivery and low weight. Additionally, having it will labour will increase the chance of a baby with withdrawal symptoms. After birth, the mother would produce less breast milk, which may be insufficient for the mother.

So, if you require such medications, you have to consult with the doctor. When you are trying to get pregnant, breastfeeding, or pregnant, it is better to inform the doctor in advance. This will make them alter the changes in the quantity or any other alternates for the issues. However, remember that not all the body is the same and responds to various medications on various bases. So, it is advisable to seek assistance from your doctor concerning the health condition and have it.