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Sorry to hear your nephew is suffering. I have some experience with back pain and chiropractor care.
If he has seen a doctor and they can’t find any broken bones and the meds are not helping, I think Chiropractic Care would be helpful. Chiropractic care really looks at the soft tissue and joint issues much more through then a regular MD. They will also check how his spine is doing. They can do manual adjustments that can make a real difference in pain.
They also usually spend a good amount of time explaining everything they are doing and would come up with a treatment plan.
If you make an appointment make sure to have his xrays from the doctor sent to his office. This will save your nephew the little radiation and you the added expense. If your Doctor did not take X-rays the Chiropractor will decide if he needs them. A Chiropractor is a Doctor. That is why insurance covers the visits compared to where a insurance company will not cover acupuncture. Some chiropractic doctors do acupuncture, but that is whole different treatment.
Good Luck,