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I am new here too, but I cannot figure out how to start a new topic, or even introduce myself, so I clicked REPLY to your message.
I’m looking for support, basically. I have been living in this nightmare called Chronic Pain for 25 years this year. I’m really having a tough time since going through cancer last year on top of everything. I do not have any “real” support in this world. Even family members just seem to preoccupied in their own worlds and hearing about pain is just a big fat negative. You end up completely isolated. Even my husband is just…indifferent to it. He doesn’t naturally have a tendency toward “empathy” or a nurturing side as I do.
I am completely and utterly LOST anymore. I really am NEVER going to get out of this hellish nightmare of nonstop never ending PAIN and I am HOPELESS and don’t know where or who to turn to for help, advocacy or even an understanding friend with some true insight on life with PAIN.