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Kiddo, I’m sorry for what you are facing. Insist on his slowly reducing your daily dosage by 10-15 Mg. per month…. Anything much more than that and you run the risk of some very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms needlessly.
Frankly, I’m surprised any doctor had prescribed a pain sufferer any more than 80mgs. per day….
I lived in WA and was prescribed 80mgs a day after having neck surgery and 3 levels in my back. I am still in excruciating and debilitating pain which limits even the most mundane mobility. It sucks! Anyway, I came to CA and immediately I was looked upon as a walking corpse. The doctors could not believe I was taking the amount of Methadone I was on and immediately focused on lowering my intake… Naturally this led to many heated arguments and my losing the fight.
After 3 years, they have weened me from 80mgs a day down to 50mgs a day…
My intent at this point is to detox myself with Oxycodone to the point the methadone is out of my system and I can begin Suboxone, which will help with my pain, but is not so looked down upon that the only thing the doctors focus on is getting me off the drugs… I am so tired of the stress of whether or not the doctor is going to give me what I need, the insurance will pay for it, the pharmacy has it, or if I take more than prescribed and don’t have enough for the last couple of days. NO MORE BS!
Suboxone is a wonder drug… I was on it for 5 years and it helped with my pain, and was freely prescribed by my pain doc. Only trouble is, not all docs can prescribe. It’s more or less looked upon as a drug to help opioid addicts detox from the drugs… The great part for me anyways, is that it is an opioid antagonist which means that it will block any opioids introduced to your system while on it. Plus the Narcan that is in the formulation will help with blocking any other narcotic also!
Just tired of dealing with the crap….
You, need to try to get your intake down, before these idiot doctors who have no clue how to get their patients off of the narcotics end up causing you more pain than what you are already in… Don’t know if you have ever gone through withdrawals, but it is the worse! I dread that possibility more than I do anything else in life! Probably because I have gone through them so many times…

Good Luck!