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Ray Ray


I am sorry to hear about your pain 6 years is a long time, without getting a proper diagnoses.
Have you ever considered to have a look at Ankylosing Spondilytis. The symptoms sound the same as what I have, Have you considered oils such as CBD it makes a difference .

Do you feel better or worse after movement ? do you have any back pain or pain running down the back of your legs , this could be nerves I am just guessing , but being so persistent over the years may be just that, I also have Fibro and I know the pain from that is wide spread over your whole body and joints , do you experience any other areas that are also prone to pian, and when is your pain the worst after the day or when you get up in the mornings , is the pain consistent
or does your pain levels differ from day to day.
Trie to stay away from bread and foods that are counter active some foods really do trigger pain, but there are other foods that do actually assist with pain, maybe as suggested by other members really have a look at you diet, it can make a real difference, the trick is because Fibro is so wide spread it is 99% of the time the go to for Doctor’s if you do see a Doctor again maybe do not say anything about the fibro let him do his own tests play dumb like you do not know what is going on maybe this way you are able to get a fair diagnoses.
I use to not even be able to get out of bed, and if that was not bad enough I was so drugged up from all the medications that it made me so depressed as well, I switch to Morphine for pain only and started smoking weed it really made a difference I am now able to work I still have pain but It made it sort of manageable, I have been using this combination for many years nothing worked except the previous mentioned I have found that the Oils have suppressed my flair ups , no medications have been able to do that, I hope this will help you ,