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We recently moved to a new state and were changed to Medicaid from our previous employer’s insurance plan. The new pain doctor follows the CDC guidelines and reduced the daily dosage of the opioid from 120 to 90mg. I want to make clear that we have sought other options to using these medications – surgery, physical therapy, injections – nothing worked. My wife would LOVE to not have to take the medication, but without it her pain is excruciating. Now, with the so-called “tapering” she has hours per day between her dosages that she is confined to bed. Without a change to both the guidelines from the CDC and the public perception of people who NEED the medications and use them responsibly and without abusing them, things will only get worse. I joined a group called Pain Advocates Council that is actively working to inform people, doctors and legislators about the reality of the 20 million pain sufferers, many of whom depend on medications. Like my wife, millions of people are living in fear of having these medications restricted even more. The Pain Advocates Council web site is
Tell your doctor that the 90mg CDC guideline is only a suggestion and not a rule or a law.