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I have been posting on and off a suggestion which I strongly suggest anyone suffering with chronic pain should explore. Again, I am talking about chronic pain not acute pain.

To successively explore my suggestion you’re going to need an open mind. I expect when you first read this post you’ll there is no way this is causing my pain. Trust me, I have been there already and proving how fortunate I was to allow my mind to open to this suggestion. It has made a real difference in my life!

To start, if your pain isn’t being caused by cancer or a tumor then it is very likely my suggest will help you. What I am about to offer was researched for many years by a Dr. John Sarno. There are now many doctors and specialists in the USA practicing this approach to pain.

If you physical injured yourself a few years ago it is important to note that in most cases our body has this amazing capabilities to heal itself.

It is also extremely important that everyone understands that I am not in anyway trying to say the pain you feel “isn’t real”. It is extremely real. The key though to most chronic pain is it isn’t being caused by something physical.

Through all of Dr. John Sarno’s research and tests he has proven over and over again that the majority of chronic pain is actually being caused by the mind/body connection.

If you’d like to explore this option then I suggest you do one of the following:

1) Google Dr. John Sarno – he has some amazing books available
2) Google Alan Gordon – he is a specialist and has put together an amazing FREE online program – I have used this program myself.
3) Or if you’re having programs locating either then I would be happy to assist you.

Again, you must have an open mind. When I first explored this direction I thought to myself, “there is no way my pain can’t be caused by something physical”, every time I walked I suffered with shin pain. What I started to realize through Alan Gordon’s program was, as much as I loved to walk, I feared going for a walk because of the pain I suffered.

It was my FEAR that was causing my pain! Once I was able to go out for a walk and stop the fear things started to improve. The more I did it and started to enjoy it again, the more the pain started to reduce.

Here is the next challenge, as I started to eliminate my shin pain I then started to experience pain in other areas of my body like the opposite leg, throat and stomach issues. Unless I can relate this new pain areas to something I have recently done, then why am I experiencing pain? Well, if I know there is nothing internal wrong with me then the conclusion was this pain is being caused by my mind/body connection.

My suggestion, while I expect most reading this will not believe it tell yourself this much, what do you have to loose to explore this idea? That is how I approached this back in October 2018.

I can tell you, I have gone from struggling to walk 5 minutes before severe shin pain would bother me. I am now walking almost EVERY DAY 2 to 4 hours and in many cases non-stop. In a way I am kind of obsessed with walking because I love it so much and a couple of years ago was afraid I would never walk again.

I really do hope this encourages others to explore new avenues for their chronic pain.