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@vickismith123 me and my partner and our daughter dealt with something similar in the past because he was out of town for work a lot too. It was hard to deal with. I did a lot of research and read that from A psychological standpoint with their dad’s being gone all of the time they start viewing them as unsafe because when the mother is there all of the time feeding them, putting them to bed and nurturing them when they cry. They realize that no matter how big of a fit they throw or how hard they cry their mother will be there no matter what and they won’t leave them so it builds a sense of security a trust. They don’t have that trust with their father because he’s always leaving. I read that what you should do is start having her dad do things for her that you normally do but make sure that you tell your daughter beforehand that daddy is going to do it instead. For example say that you’re always the one that feeds her or put s her to bed. Tell her that tonight your going to do laundry etc. while daddy puts her to bed and feeds her. She will probably cry and throw a fit at first because children like to stick to their routine but no matter what don’t go to her rescue. Tell your husband not to get upset but just to hug her and hold her and he doesn’t have to say anything he just needs to let her know that he loves her and that even when she cries he won’t abandon her. That she’s safe with him just like she is with mom. I felt like it helped so hopefully it does for you too. Good luck