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Hello! I just joined this group. I have TN currently and I also had it about 8 years ago. At that time it had lasted for about 6 months. During that time I went to my dentist to try to get all my teeth yanked out since I didn’t know what the problem was but it felt like the pain was originating from my teeth. He couldn’t find anything wrong with my teeth so I went to a neurologist who said I’d be on medication the rest of my life. I finally went to my chiropractor who quickly diagnosed the pain as Trigeminal neuralgia and said, “I can fix that! You should have come to me sooner!!” He adjusted my skull, atlas, whatever?? and in about 2 months I was pain free. Miraculous!!! I’m not sure if that Chiropractor is still treating patients, but I would highly recommend him if he is: Dr. Brian Miller in Edinboro, PA.
However, it seems like any chiropractor could do what he did. My issue had been that an artery was pressing on the nerve, causing pain. You may have a different cause for your pain?? But If that is the issue, try a chiropractor.
Dr. Brian did tell me though, that if I had come to him right away, as soon as the pain had started, it would have resolved much quicker. As it was, he adjusted me twice/week for the 2 months. Unfortunately, it’s now back again and I’m seeing a new chiropractor where I now live. He’s hopeful though.