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Hello! I have another new treatment I have been trying! My physical therapist recommended dry needling, which is performed by a chiropractor (at least around here). It uses needles similar to acupuncture. The needle is inserted down into the muscle, often in or near a trigger point. I have been receiving the treatment for about 2 months, and although it doesn’t completely alleviate my pain, it has helped me greatly. I used to spend a majority of my time in the fetal position, and this procedure has kept me walking (most days) and this past week I have even been sitting with my feet on the floor!

In my experiences, dry needling isn’t overly painful. Any pain that I have had when the needle is inserted melts away within about a minute, and there is only slight discomfort when the needle is removed. I recommend drinking a lot of water before it though because it has helped with how sore I am after the procedure (I have it done in my hip flexer and upper leg). I am usually only sore for a couple of hours after the treatment as well. The response to each needle varies; I have had some sharp pain, my leg twitch (that’s a good thing), feeling achy (also good), and sometimes (especially when the needle is removed) it tickles and tingles a bit.

This procedure has been shown to help people with myofascial pain. It is not covered by most insurance companies, but doesn’t cost too much compared to other treatments I’ve had (it’s about $50 in our region).