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Thank you Shadowbox, FredFriend and Chronic Pain Survivor, I have been really touched by your supportiveness and words. They have really helped! I needed everything you all have said.

Yes, my wonderful husband has been very supportive, but like you Chronic Pain Survivor, I have hit a new plateau recently, that scared me, and I found myself wanting to protect him. Reason is – we are still working. We’re both 54; not planning to retire until 63-ish. We are not doing badly financially. I’m saying this because we keep talking about all this travel we are going to do in retirement, and I’m scared that I may/may not be able to do it, if my pain progresses like this…I’m just worried that when we retire and “have money” I won’t be able to move…thing is, we can travel now, and we both know it. He’s just a very good steward of our cash-flow (very conservative unlike me!) We take maybe a vacation a year (I shouldn’t complain). But, we could do more… I’m concerned that if we wait until we ae 63…I don’t know if I can do “the big travel” then… we are going to see our financial planner tomorrow, and then we’ll have a good idea where we’re at. I’m thinkin’ travel more now while I can still move… (I mean, we also have inheritance on the horizon ‘n all). So that’s what I’ve been sacred about recently. Thank you all for sharing!