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Noki4 in Ohio it’s 80mg-the AG always has to trump what’s ‘recommended’ as ‘Guidelines’ as he’s running for governor so he’s using this hot button to flood the media-local news channels in particular-with his War On The “Opioid” Crisis when in fact as opioid based prescriptions are down dramatically the deaths from “Opioid Overdoses” (Heroin and street made Fentynal) are up 3 times above the national average (based on an article in the Columbus Dispatch). anyways i researched and 80mg would work for me and a hydrocodone prescription as i would be taking much less as it’s a 1:1 ratio.

Terri, it’s another “Guideline” from the AG running for governor in Ohio. not only is there OARRS where they track your prescriptions from any pharmacy (so much for HIPPA) but the receiving PMC (Pain Management Center or Clinic) is ‘obligated’ to ask. i was turned down today by a PMC for this exact reason! i know you were being facetious when you said ” Pretty soon people will be having surgery wide awake with no pain blockers!!” but get this….my sister is a pharmacist at a hospital close by and when i told her of my travails she told me that they are having problems getting Fentynal for surgery! and of course of post op pain care too! this is anecdotal but is true-and is absolutely criminal!. that’s when i started researching how to fight this political crap and scourge….taking pain management away from law abiding people in need and either making us criminals or making us live in interminable pain…or worse yet..driving good people to the streets to have us end up ‘Opioid Overdose’ statistics.