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Thanks for the welcome!

I agree, I’m still relatively new to all of this, having had my accident about 3 months shy of 2 years now. It has been a struggle – I spent the first year not dealing with any of it – I was concentrating on recovery and angry at the pain I was in. Then at one year from the accident, I decided it was time to deal with things – I’m a strong believer in needing to deal (mentally and emotionally) with events. Well, it threw me for a tailspin and into a deep depression. I realized I was not where I had hoped to be, although I still amazed everyone else at how far I’d come. The fact that I can walk is a miracle but I still thought I could “beat this”. Ha!
Now I’ve come to accept it and move on. I’ll be dealing with it emotionally for the rest of my life but I’m coming out of what I call “survival mode” (from the depression) and can now takes bits and pieces of it to deal with and not get too overwhelmed.
I’ve never been a “poor me” type of person and still am not that way but I’m still mourning the things I cannot do.
By being back on the medications, I now realize just how much I needed them (not just the pain medications but the others many of us are familiar with – the Baclofin, Gabapentin and so forth). I can finally concentrate to work which was my biggest worry – I now know a lot of that is coming from the pain.
Anyway, I’m getting my life back on track – thanks again fro the welcome and to gosiatracz6, I hope things work out – It’s a crazy, mixed up world when something of this magnitude happens to someone. As much as I thought I was “holding it together” it turns out I was shutting everyone out and crawling into a hole without even realizing it (just ask my wife!)!
Take care…