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Hello, it is nice to meet you but I do wish it was under better circumstances. We here at TPC are so very sorry that you have been shamed for living with pain.

The stigma that is out there is doing so much harm to people who live with pain. We are working to change the stigma so people living with pain are not shamed and are not put in the same category as those who are fighting the demons of addiction.
Both chronic pain and addiction are serious health issues and we must address them both. The conversations need to happen without increasing the stigma against people living with pain and their healthcare providers who have found that pain medications along with other therapies are needed to ensure quality of life for people with pain.
TPC embraces, promotes, and educates about an integrative approach to management—an approach that is positive, hopeful, and empowering. The Integrative Pain Management (IPM) model of care:
Is person-centered and reaffirms the importance of a healing and committed partnership between the healthcare practitioner and the person with pain. It focuses on the whole person—mind, body and spirit.

I see that Noki4 has shared with you the times of our hosted chats. The chats are a wonderful place where we strive to make sure all who attend our chats feel safe, secure and know that they are not alone.

If I can help you find your way around our website please let me know.


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