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My pain is a little..odd I guess and so the only way I can relieve pain is to curl up into the fetal position. Since I tend to have very sharp pains that incapacitate me, I make sure that I always have a designated location where I can lay/sit comfortably at work/home/etc. I’ve also added in deep breathing along with tapping my fingers to help distract myself from the pain. I’ve given my chronic pain a name (Carl) and whenever I’m having a bad pain day I can just tell people that Carl is upset and it becomes understood with the people around me. Other things I use are calming music without words to help ease myself so I don’t tense up my muscles. If I’m able to, I might try to play a game or talk or something, but typically I end up lying on the floor in the fetal position and I focus on important things there whether it’s reading or talking with friends. At least for me, it’s very important to not let my chronic pain control my actions too much. I don’t always get to do things the way normal people do, but I’ve adapted my strategies with life so that I can still accomplish all of my goals.